Mathaf is holding a photo contest for its upcoming pop-up event at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan.

Here's the deal – take a photo of an object that tells us a personal story about life in Qatar: whatever you like.
Submit your photo and tag it #mathafbaqala.

Describe your object in 50 words or more. Tell us why it’s interesting, exciting, unique, or something to treasure. Put some effort in explaining why.

In addition to having your photo featured in Japan, we’ve put together tote bags filled with goodies from Tokyo for the 3 “best-selling” entries.

Deadline: September 22, 2012.
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Join us at the Museum of Islamic Art next Monday at 6:00 pm for the announcement of the #MathafBaqala winners!

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يحرص أهل قطر في الليلة الخامس عشر من رمضان على الاحتفال بما يسمى بالقرنقعوه

وهذه صورة معبرة لفتيات يرتدين ازهى الملابس القديمة للاحتفال بهذا اليوم الجميل


The people of Qatar is keen on the fifteenth night of Ramadan to celebrate the called Balqrnqauh
These expressive image of girls wearing the brightest old clothes to celebrate this beautiful day

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The picture was taken from the third floor of Texas A & M University at Qatar at Education City. When I walk through the building and look outside, this is the place which captivates me a lot. I had always a long desire to take the pic of this view from the top and finally I did it! It makes me delightful to think how Qatar is stepping towards a new civilization with the light of education spreading everywhere. 

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A general question that would come up after watching this pic would be, “Is the book trying to resemble something?” Not exactly – It’s the place where books usually reside – the library. To be more precise, it’s the place where the library is: a university – on the heart of Education City – VCUQatar. It has been only one month since I have joined the university but it’s not only the university which I love but the entire Education City where different ethnicities meet one other and get the best education in addition. More than that, it seems to me as a way to new civilization. What do you say?

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The Doha Skyline, probably the strongest image that I have from the city, always reminding me the great ambitions of this country of becoming a true city of the future shared by people of all around the globe. I often try to make the best shots of it from different angles, trying to get a different flavor of the city every time. Certainly a picture in my mind I will always cherish from my time in the city.

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Qatar is no more a rural land that world knew few years ago. 

When I first came to Qatar, I was really excited to be out of my country and move here. I thought I will get to see skyscrapers, 5-star hotels, and lightened up nights. But when I arrived here, all I could see was only some buildings around Sheraton Hotel and forever laying Corniche by the sea. Now that I look back at that time, it fascinates my mind imaging that Qatar has come a long way since then. 

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Saad Ismail Al Jassim who owns a Pearl Jewellery shop at the Souq Waqif in Qatar calls himself 'Pahalwan the Old Pearl Diver'. When ever I go to the souq I make it a point to meet the old man who is actually a bundle of talent from being one of the oldest pearl divers of qatar alive, to a man who was ones a body builder and won many acolades, he also had a unique talent of sleeping on the glass and nails. He always has some story to say about the the good olden days of Qatar and how dramatically the country and people have changed over the years. He also ones told me that Qatar Pearls were very well known until the Japanese started cultivating artifical pearls and there after the the pearl trade in the gulf came down. But he is proud to say that he still dives and picks up Qatari Pearls and sells them at a good price or gifts it to the royal patrons. One thing I will always remember that he told me is theat, ” God helps those who help themselves”.

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Finally deep in the desert, we found it. I don’t even have to talk this much, it’s even on the Barca jersey..Qatar Foundation logo!

Story and photograph by Jasseem Mahamood

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This mosque in Souq Al Asiri is one of the oldest mosques in Qatar which presents to the people that how mosques in Qatar looked back in the days. The mosque marks a famous landmark and brings the olden days feeling to the people. Its unique antique looks on the inside and outside describes the past. This mosque is known to many and should be treasured for many years to come.

Story and photograph by Abdul Halik

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Towards one end of the corniche near the Museum of Islamic Art, Indian fishermen set up a daily makeshift market right on the edge of the water. They have been doing this for decades, but only recently stand out so dramatically against the growing modern Doha skyline.